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Helicopter Training Courses
Central Florida-Orlando-Kissimmee


Welcome to MaxFlight Helicopter Services! Our primary service is to offer flight training in the Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopter. Our students will perform ground training with a Certified Flight Instructor and then have the ability to fly in the R-22 or R-44 to practice what they have learned.


Each student will have the opportunity to get their Private Pilots License, Instrument rating, helicopter add-on rating, Commercial license and/or their Certified Flight Instructor’s License. Along with all those opportunities, we also offer training in the Bell 206 Jet Ranger for those interested in building turbine time.

R-22 Base Price- $219 per hour.(Training Only)
R-44 Base Price- $400 per hour.(Training Only)

Prices above do not include fuel, pre-flight, post brief, pilot & facilities. MaxFlight now offers insurance pilot safety audits on either the R-44 or R-22!

Call 321-247-8043 for details and pricing 

In conjunction with all of these services we also have a Pilot Mentor program that introduces students to pilots in specialized fields such as Heli-Logging, EMS pilots, agriculture pilots, Electronic Gathering pilots or ENG, charter pilots, military pilots, oil platform pilots, law enforcement pilots, forestry and fire fighting pilots, utility pilots and corporate pilots.

We also accept International Students! The application process for students outside the United States may take up to 30 days. If intend on applying please fill out the form and send it in as soon as possible. Students without the approved application will not be able to attend school.

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For Training or Returning Customers: 321-247-8043