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Geoff Weate headshot

Geoffrey Weate

Certified Flight Instructor

Geoff is a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument instruction capabilities. He is currently certified to train and fly on the R-22 & R-44. Geoff does tours, training and aerial photography. However, Geoff is an accomplished aviator with over 30 years flying experience in rotorcraft and fixed wing. To add to his flying achievements, he is also a certified A&P aircraft mechanic with over 32 years of experience. In early 2018, Geoff was hired after completing his Certified Flight instructor (instrument) with us at MaxFlight. Geoff’s formal education consists of B.S. with a concentration in Aviation Science.

Tim Roberts headshot

Tim Roberts

Certified Flight Instructor

Tim is a certified flight instructor and currently is able train students in the Robinson R22 & R44. Tim’s duties tend to include tours, flight training, special events, aerial survey, and aerial photography. Tim has been an aviator for over 10 years, though his prior employment was in the medical field of UHS hospitals out in the sunny desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he worked for 7 years. He soon decided to make the move to Orlando, Florida to pursue a career in aviation.

Manuel Dunst headshot

Manuel Dunst

Certified Flight Instructor

Manuel is originally from Austria where he began his flight career, before making the decision to move to America and exercise his skills in flying stateside. He has both his FAA & EASA Commercial Pilot licenses, as well as FAA CFI/CFII, and has flown in both the USA and Europe. Manuel does tours, training, and aerial photography for Maxflight, and is always branching out to several of the business’s other services. He got his start working as an industrial engineer, specializing in a focus of environmental engineering. This path would lead to him finally pursuing his lifelong dream of a career in aviation.

Martin Turner headshot

Martin Turner

Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Martin is a Commercial Helicopter Pilot that has been flying for over 5 years. He’s certified to fly the Robinson R-22 & R-44 helicopters and has completed the Robinson Helicopter Safety Course. Martin is an seasoned helicopter tour pilot who has likely made more trips around Disney than Mickey Mouse. His experience encompasses a wide scope of work with helicopters, including aerial photography, air surveying, agricultural work, and many other operations.

austi tartar profile picture

Austi Tarter-Leclercq


Small business owner, Marine veteran, mother of three & pilot. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia with her mother since she was 5 years old, Austi joined the Marine Corps at 18 years old in hopes of a new opportunity. Having completed her Masters degree with the help of the military she decided to try out her newly acquired business skills in the corporate world. However, after many years of trying to find her place she discovered that working for someone else’s passion is a lot harder than it looks! Austi then decided to go into business for herself and leave the cubicle job for good! With a small introduction of 5 years to aviation in the military, she had been looking for ways to get that same joy and be able to support her family. Austi soon discovered a passion for flying helicopters and that mixed with her pursuit of business was exactly what she had been looking for! With her father being a helicopter pilot and a successful business owner, it was a no-brainer that she could have the best mentor for her new adventure! MaxFlight helicopter Services opened June of 2013 with one R-22 and continues to grow steady with multiple helicopters and various flight services.


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