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Adrian Lyon

Certified Flight Instructor/Commercial Pilot
Adrian was born and raised in the Central Florida area. He studied engineering at the University of Central Florida. Adrian has always had an affinity for flying. As a child he enjoyed flying with his father, a rated airplane pilot. Saturday morning flights to breakfast and family vacation flight were always the best. Adrian decided to follow that passion in 2006 with helicopters. After he earned his Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructors ratings, Adrian started working with MaxFlight Helicopters the day they opened. Adrian enjoys the challenges associated with flying helicopters what-ever the mission may be, he even went as far as obtaining his Airplane commercial ratings! However, helicopters are and will always be his first passion with all its versatility and freedom.

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Briac Bernardin

Certified Flight Instructor/Commercial Pilot
Briac discovered a passion for helicopters in 2011, he was mainly interested on the mesmerizing precision capabilities of the helicopter so in 2012 with his parents and family support he went to Canada where started to learn how to fly helicopters and at the end of the training passed his commercial license. In 2013, Briac came to the United States to pursue his passion, he acquired the FAA commercial and Certified Flight Instructor licenses. Briac started to work for Maxflight Helicopters in February 2016 as a flight instructor, enjoying teaching and doing all different kind of commercial work in a very peaceful and safe environment and always looking forward for the next challenge with Maxflight helicopters!

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Dave Anderson

Commercial Pilot
Dave is originally from Scotland in the U.K., and began flying helicopters more than 10 years ago. After a successful career as an electronics design engineer, Dave finally decided to follow his lifelong ambition to become a helicopter pilot. He has both his FAA & EASA Commercial Pilot licenses, and has flown in both the USA and Europe. Dave enjoys flying tours for MaxFlight Helicopters in the Robinson R44 around the various Theme Parks, and being a roller coaster fan has a detailed knowledge of the Orlando area and all of the rides and attractions!! He particularly enjoys doing news work & aerial photo flights, together with the evening Firework flights. Dave has even offered to fly tours for us wearing his kilt – if the price is right!!

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Austi Tarter-Leclercq

Small business owner, Marine veteran, mother of three & pilot. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia with her mother since she was 5 years old, Austi joined the Marine Corp at 18 years old in hopes of a new opportunity. Having completed her Masters degree with the help of the military she decided to try out her newly acquired business skills in the corporate world. However, after many years of trying to find her place she discovered that working for someone else’s passion is a lot harder than it looks! Austi then decided to go into business for herself and leave the cubicle job for good! With a small introduction of 5 years to aviation in the military, she had been looking for ways to get that same joy and be able to support her family. Austi soon discovered a passion for flying helicopters and that mixed with her pursuit of business was exactly what she had been looking for! With her father being a helicopter pilot and a successful business owner, it was a no-brainer that she could have the best mentor for her new adventure! MaxFlight helicopter Services opened June of 2013 with one R-22 and continues to grow steady with multiple helicopters and various flight services.

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